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4435 Shackleford Ridge Road, Signal Mountain, TN 37377
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Nolan Elementary Mission Statement

We will work together to provide a caring, nurturing environment which will enable all children to become successful, independent, lifelong learners who will make positive contributions to our community.

Nolan Elementary Vision Statement
To become the most highly respected and outstanding elementary school in the state of Tennessee due to our academic and technological excellence and nurturing atmosphere which promotes a child's maximum learning potential.

Nolan Elementary Belief Statement
We believe that:
1. Every child has worth, is able and has the right to learn.
2. Every child is a unique individual.
3. Children should be taught according to their strongest learning style but should be exposed to all learning styles.
4. Community/Parental involvement and support are crucial for success.
5. Education should implement skills for living as well as character education on a daily basis.
6. Student learning is maximized when a school-wide discipline program is consistently implemented.
7. Learning best takes place in a clean, hazard free, and safe environment.

About The School

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Dr. and Mrs. Nolan

Because of years of faithful service Paul and Anne Nolan have given our community, Signal Mountain will never be the same. Hours of recognition could never convey our deep respect, admiration, and appreciation for a couple who has helped establish such high standards in education.

There is a determination in this community to continue the progress which had its beginning during their years of service. In 1966 Dr. Nolan began his tenure in the Hamilton County Quarterly Court where he served until 1978. He served the State of Tennessee in the House of Representatives from 1968-1970. In 1982 he joined the Hamilton County Commission where he served in several capacities until 1998. A very important part of his public service has been education and children's services. Dr. Nolan wanted to ensure that all children receive a quality education.

Mrs. Anne Nolan served the Town of Signal Mountain as both commissioner and Mayor from 1979-1987. While being a mother to their three children, she was active in the community and Signal Mountain Baptist Church. She was honored by being selected as "Woman of the Year" on Signal Mountain.


Nolan Elementary Song

-written by Mrs. Kathy Taylor's and Mrs. Peggy Willingham's classes in 2000

Growing up today takes courage all the way
This world that we're in needs all of you and me!
Standing here united with care for one another
The road that's ahead can be conquered with pride.

Let 'em say we're crazy, we don't care about that!
Put you hand in our hands, my friend,
Don't ever look back!
Let responsibility guide the way,
Add a little honesty and watch it pay.

Well, we are Nolan Elementary,
Students of the century,
Nothing's gonna stop us now.
And if this world begins to crumble
Reach out, help each other
Feel the spirits movin'
Nothing's gonna stop us now!

I'm so glad we're learning, character that's yearning
To gain your respect is important to me
We'll take you through the good times
Hang in with the bad times
Be firm in beliefs is what we're gonna do!

Let 'em say we're crazy, we don't care about that!
Put you hand in our hands, my friend,
Don't ever look back!
A little kindness from me to you
Makes you feel like dancin' in whatever you do!


sword in stone

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