Standardized Testing

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Subject: New TNReady parent resources

From: Candice McQueen, TN Commissioner of Education

This week, we have additional resources you can share with your families that we hope will help to foster greater understanding about TNReady: our 2016 TNReady Parent Guide and the supplemental Guide on TNReady Supports for Students with Disabilities. These guides walk through many of the questions we have heard from parents and outline the changes, particularly to the timing and structure, that we have made for the upcoming school year. The guides can be viewed online at on our new TNReady Parent Resources page. We also have a one-page handout that explains at a high level the role of assessments, which I have attached here. It is also included in the Parent Guide.

Also, we have launched a new FAQ page on, which provides additional information for parents and educators. If users do not find the answer to their question on that page, there is a form on that site through which they can submit a question to us. 

Please let us know if there are any additional resources you need to help your families learn more about TNReady or answer any questions you have been receiving.