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Congratulations, Nolan Cross Country!
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We would like to congratulate all of our cross country team members for their performance in the Hamilton County cross country meet.  Top 40 runners in 3rd grade included:  William Hubbard-6th, Joseph Uhorchuk-8th, Leah Davis-10th, Bess Innes-13th, Porter Jones-16th, Katie Brennen-18th, Samantha Altizer-20th, Lake Martin-24th, Adalynn Owens-31st, and Tyler Koontz-31st. Other runners in 3rd grade include Luke Higdon and Will Campbell. 

Top 40 runners in 4th grade include:  Franny Brooksbank-6th, Laney Fowler-9th, Pearce Lusk-11th, Callaway Wheeler-12th, Tate Harrison-14th, Garrett Wilson-21st, Eli Haddock-25th, Charlotte Flowers-29th, Irelynn Speek-32nd, and Hugh Witherspoon-39th.  Other runners in 4th grade include Riley Kell, Mabry Cook, Barnes Thomas, Jonathan Perrin, Frank Smith, and Nicholas Thombs. 

Top 40 runners in 5th grade included:  Stephanie Holmes-1st, Joshua Pote-1st, Laken Coppinger-13th, Logan Dapp-15th, Graham Barrett-16th, Ava Katherine Levine-17th, Addison Jones-19th, Andrew Matukewicz-30th.  Other runners in 5th grade include Ella Winsett, Caro Otto, Megan Clark, Alyssa Medeiros, Nicholas Johnson, and Jonah Matukewicz. 

Congratulations to all!



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