Student Arrival, Dismissal, and Car Line Reminders
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Friday, August 25, 2017

Good Evening Nolan Families - Now that everyone is beginning to settle in to their school routines, we wanted to take a moment to share some important reminders regarding student arrival, dismissal, and car line procedures.  

Each morning, our main entrance is blocked with cones with all car rider traffic entering campus at the last entrance before the SMMHS campus.

Our morning car line is one lane alongside the sidewalk with all cars pulling as far forward as possible to allow us to unload as many cars as possible during each cycle.  For traffic efficiency and safety, it is important that students are ready to exit their cars from the right side as they are assisted by our staff and safety patrol members.  

Anyone needing to accompany their students into the building must park in the designated parking areas and walk their students into the building.  No students are allowed to be dropped off or walked in partially at any time.  

In the afternoons, there is no way to determine how many car riders we will have on any given day.  

With one road serving two large campuses, everyone must follow our procedures and traffic routines for our afternoon dismissal to be as efficient and safe as possible.  

When waiting in the line, at no time should a car pass others in other directional lanes. This is unlawful and dangerous and will be reported to local law enforcement.

Once you pass the 3-way stop and enter onto Sam Powell, please note that the left hand lane is reserved for traffic pulling into our 3-5 car line and also extending to form our K-2 car line.  The far right lane is reserved for traffic going to SMMHS only at all times.  

If you are in our K-2 car line, we greatly appreciate your patience as we typically have a larger number of car riders in this line until routines settle in and more students begin riding the bus.  

As you approach our last entrance to enter our campus for the K-2 car line, please note that no one is allowed to enter from the far right lane that is reserved for SMMHS traffic only.  

When entering our campus for the K-2 car lane, all cars must pull as far forward as possible in the lane that is currently moving.  Once you move onto campus in a lane, you will remain in that lane until you are signaled to exit.  

At no time should cars be waiting for a particular lane or switching lanes as this is again a safety concern.  

In the coming days, we will have some additional signage posted reminding everyone of some of these procedures.  

For additional direction regarding our car lines, please reference the car line video that is available here.  

As shared, we certainly understand the challenges that come with having a single roadway coming into our school, and although we have done everything we possibly can to move as many cars off the roadway as possible during our car lines, we will continue as always to monitor these lines to ensure that we are doing everything we can for the safety of our students.  

I am very proud of our staff for the professionalism and caring that they show each day as our students arrive and dismiss with our focus always being on student safety.  As always, we greatly appreciate your support as we collectively work together for efficient and safe student arrivals and dismissals.  

-Dr. Harwood


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