Knight Writers "The Lumpkinberry" Book Available for Purchase
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017
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This year's Knight Writers Club has created an original story inspired by both the Drama Club's production of Seussical, Jr., as well as Bully and other works by famed children's author Patricia Polocco.
In years past, Knight Writers Clubs have created unique photo books based upon the Drama Club's current production. Each year the book is available for purchase through Shutterfly.
This year the club branched out into an original work that was inspired by themes of acceptance, inclusion, and celebration of differences from Dr. Seuss and Patricia Polocco.
The Lumpkinberry follows an awkward little monster, and reveals the adventures he has at Nolan Elementary, where students (and staff!) show him that what's on the inside counts far more than what's on the outside. 
It is an anti-bullying tale of celebrating individuality, and a truly lovely book. The Knight Writers worked extremely hard to bring it to life!
We are pleased to offer all our families the opportunity to purchase their own copy of this amazing work as well! If you'd like to order a copy, please contact
Thank you for supporting our wonderfully creative students!
"No one is more special than the very unique you!"
-The Lumpkinberry


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