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Mountain Education Foundation
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Friday, August 14, 2015
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How Can I Support My School?

This year we are encouraging parents to support the Mountain Education Foundation (MEF) and make a contribution to the annual fund drive. MEF's goal is to raise an average of $200 for every student enrolled in school on Signal Mountain. By donating to MEF, we can raise much needed support for our schools and put an end to sending our children door to door selling items to fund public education. Plus, the money raised by MEF stays in our community to directly support the mountain schools.

The funds raised by MEF do not come from large endowments or federal grant programs; they come from people just like you who are concerned about the success of our community's schools. MEF connects with educators, local businesses, parent volunteers, and the PTA to create a united fundraising effort to fill the funding gaps in our schools.

Your gift to MEF enhances learning in the classroom by supporting arts and enrichment programs, classroom technology, intervention and tutoring needs, college access programs, books, school curricula and other essential resources in our schools.

MEF gives the Signal Mountain community a unified voice with the school district and helps ensure that our schools are well funded, and needs in our schools are adequately addressed.

Does MEF Support PTA?

Yes, MEF is a strong advocate of PTA. MEF funding goes directly to our PTAs as well as our schools to fund projects that support students and teachers. By working together, MEF and our PTAs are making the Signal Mountain schools stronger.

How Much Should I Give?

We are encouraging parents to make a gift of $200 or more per child. Every gift counts and remains in our community to help support your child's school. MEF's annual goal is to raise $200 per child to meet the funding gaps for public education on Signal Mountain. But every bit helps, even if you are unable to match the $200 goal.

What is MEF?

MEF is a non-profit public education foundation dedicated to serving students in kindergarten through 12th grade at Nolan, Thrasher, and Signal Mountain/Middle High School. MEF is an advocate for all of the Signal Mountain schools. MEF gives the Signal Mountain community a unified voice with the school district and works to ensure our schools are well funded and needs in our schools are adequately addressed.

What is MEF's Mission?

The mission of the Mountain Education Foundation is to enhance the educational and developmental opportunities for all Signal Mountain public school students by implementing and uniting fundraising efforts.

How Does MEF Help?

Since 1991, MEF has provided more than $1 million dollars in additional funding to our school. MEF helps bridge the gap between public and private funding to help prepare our students for college, the workforce and to compete in an increasingly globally competitive marketplace. This is accomplished by providing our schools with additional educational programs, financial resources and faculty. Thanks to the support of the community, MEF is helping to provide the resources and funding necessary to ensure the best possible education for our children.

MEF provides funding to enhance learning in the classroom by supporting arts and enrichment programs, classroom technology, intervention and tutoring needs, college access programs, books, school curricula, and other essential resources in our schools.

How Does MEF Allocate Funds Among the Signal Mountain Schools?

The MEF Advisory Board is responsible for funding allocations and conducts an annual process to determine funding needs among the mountain schools. The Advisory Board is comprised of school principals, PTA members, and concerned citizens who work hard to distribute funding in an equitable manner while meeting the initiatives and priorities of each school. The process also assures that Nolan, Thrasher, and Signal Mountain Middle/High, along with their PTAs, have input in the funding allocations, and MEF is working in unison with the each school's improvement plan.

Whom Should I Contact for More Information About MEF?

Katie Hanners
Mountain Education Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 81
Signal Mountain, TN 37377
Phone (423) 517-0772

Watch the MEF Video HERE




The Mountain Education Foundation is thrilled to have many local and national partners to help us achieve our fundraising goals for Signal Mountain Schools.  The following highlights are current partners and how their program works. To partner with MEF, please contact Katie Hanners at 423-517-0772.

Quote for Donation, Liberty Mutual
Contact Robert Wright before March 31, 2016 and request a home or auto quote (or both!).  Liberty Mutual will donate $5.00 per auto and/or home insurance quote to the Mountain Education Foundation.
To participate in the Quote for Donation program simply contact Robert Wright at 423-227-9345 MEF will receive the donation from Liberty Mutual regardless of your decision to purchase insurance or not. 
Fill up your gas tank at Raceway located on Signal Mountain Road and MEF will receive $0.01 for every gallon!  You must use the MEF spirit pump!

Mountain Top Toys
Mountain Top Toys orders and sells summer bridge activity books for students at Thrasher and Nolan and generously donates a percentage of the proceeds back to MEF to support the efforts of our two elementary schools.  Students who return the completed activity books receive a 40% off coupon at Mountain Top Toys!

Amazon Smile
When you shop on Amazon Smile, the Mountain Education Foundation can earn 5% of the purchase price on eligible products.The first time you log-in to Amazon Smile, you will be directed to choose your charity.  Simply select the Mountain Education Foundation from the charity list and then shop for a cause!

Register with Goodshop/Goodsearch and select Mountain Education Foundation as your cause of choice. Then shop for the best coupons from several thousand retailers. Shop with the coupon and 3% of the purchase price is donated back to MEF!

Plus, don't forget to support your schools with box tops, grocery shopping bucks, SchoolKitz boxes, and the Signal Mountain Nursery receipt program!  If you have other ideas for rewarding partnerships, please let us know!

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