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4435 Shackleford Ridge Road,  Signal Mountain  TN  37377

Drive up Signal Mountain via the main road, Signal Mountain Boulevard/Route 127. After the "Welcome to Signal Mountain" sign but before the traffic light, take the first left onto Signal Mountain Blvd. -- it is directly across from the CVS entrance. This will become Maryland Avenue and then it becomes James Boulevard after bending around to the right. Turn left onto Timberlinks Drive, just before the Golf Club. Stay on Timberlinks for about two miles. It will bend to the right and become Shackleford Ridge Road. Turn left onto Sam Powell Drive and Nolan Elementary is on your left.

The 3-5 grade entrance is past the parking lot on the left. The main school entrance is past that on the left, across from the flag. Continue up Sam Powell past Nolan, to the next left for the K-2 entrance line.

Please scroll down for map.

Carline Procedures:

Car drop-off and pick-up directions here. Thank you!

Morning Drop-Off:

  • Student drop-off may begin at 8:20 a.m. as teachers are on duty for student safety and supervision.

  • Red cones are placed at the school's third/main entrance at 8:15 a.m. each morning. Please proceed down to the last Nolan entrance and turn off into the drive just before entering the Middle/High School campus, for car rider drop-off.

  • Cars will pull all the way down past the front entrance where Safety Patrol is directing. Several cars will unload at once and students will proceed into the building through the front doors. Please have students ready to exit with their belongings by themselves each morning to keep the flow of morning traffic. If you need to enter the building, or help carry things in, please park in the designated parking areas and accompany your child into the building.

Afternoon Pick-Up:

  • All students must exit the building from their own wing (K-2 front or 3-5 side). No students cross to the other side of the building to join a sibling!

  • Please have your Nolan car tags visible to assist our teachers with loading. This is especially helpful on rainy days! 


K through 2nd ONLY:

Please turn onto Sam Powell Drive using the right outside lane. Pass the main entrance and proceed to the inside lane, to turn left after the curve toward last Nolan entrance before the Middle-High School campus (please do not block the right lane, as it is needed for SMMHS traffic). Line up in either left or right lane in front of K-2 entrance for car line pick-up. If you are the first car to arrive, please pull forward to the orange cones. Please wait to pull out of the line until teachers have dismissed your section of vehicles. 

All cars exit immediately out back onto Sam Powell Drive.

3rd through 5th ONLY: 

Please turn onto Sam Powell Drive using the left inside turn lane. Proceed to the first entrance and turn left off Sam Powell to line up on the side of 3-5 wing of school. 

Once students begin loading, please do not pull ahead until a teacher has dismissed your lane. 

Proceed ahead in the left lane to turn left out of the school onto Shackleford Ridge. Proceed ahead in the right lane to turn right out of the school onto Shackleford Ridge.

K-2nd and 3rd-5th BOTH:

Please follow the K-2 instructions above, picking up your K-2 student first. You will then exit back onto Sam Powell, turn right into the side lot, and proceed to the pickup area, in the right lane (closest to the school's side entrance).

Once the teacher has dismissed your lane, proceed ahead toward the exit behind the 3-5 playground. Pull into the left lane to turn left onto Shackleford Ridge. Pull into the right lane to turn right onto Shackleford Ridge.

Please watch for pedestrians. Thank you!

If there is a change in afternoon transportation for your child, please notify his/her teacher in writing ahead of time. 

Some Notes Regarding Traffic:

In the afternoons, traffic does not move from shortly before 3:30 p.m. until the students are dismissed from Nolan at 3:40 p.m. Once school lets out and the students make it to their rides, traffic starts to flow again. Because of this, the best time to arrive is right after school is out, when traffic has begun to flow once more.

Please do NOT block the intersections around and at the school. This includes Shackleford Ridge/Sam Powell stop sign intersection, and all entrance/exit intersections. Please note that buses must be able to get into the school as well, and please follow the directions of local police officers helping direct traffic, when present.

Do not leave cars parked/unattended in front of the school after 3:20 p.m. If you are volunteering at school and will be there past 3:20, please use the side parking lot. Thank you.

Please note there are also student/parent pedestrians making their way to and from the school both in the mornings and afternoons. Pedestrians have the right of way. Please do not block the designated walkway. Thank you.

We appreciate everyone's diligence in ensuring the safety of all students and parents during drop-off and pick-up at Nolan.

Thank you!

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