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Uniform Information
Additional Notes
Nolan Dress Code: Students' clothing must not be disruptive to the class. Students must wear: Clothes in Decent Shape: Free of Rips and Holes. Slogans on shirts must be of good taste. Shorts that measure no higher than where the fingertips would be if arms were extended downward. Clothing that covers ALL undergarments. Full length tops. No spaghetti straps or tank tops. Socks when wearing tennis shoes. Shoes that require strings or Velcro and they must be tied or fastened. Their hair neat, clean, -- no mohawk cuts or dyed hair, please, as these are a distraction to the learning environment. NO taps, "wheelie shoes," or hiking boots. NO hats in the building (girls or boys). NO earrings in boys' ears. Clothes should be marked with first and last name. Visit our HANDBOOK link on the home page for more information.