5th Grade Team (Colen/Hyde/Lisowski)







Reading News

Week of Aug 28 - Sept 1

We are continuing to identify figurative language, strong word choices and imagery and incorporate these skills into our own writing.  This week our focus is on similes and metaphors.  

5th graders should read 20 minutes each weeknight.  This week they are taking notes on similes and metaphors.

We will have a genre test on Friday, September 1st.  The students have a study guide in their writing binders.


Math News

Week of August 28-September 1

We will work on writing decimal numbers in various ways (standard, expanded, and word form) this week.
Place-Value Quiz on Thursday, August 30.
Place-Value Test will be Wednesday, September 13.  I will send home a Study Guide next week.
Students received their first Weekly Review #1 on Monday, August 28.  This will be graded and is due on Friday, September 1
Students were also assigned their first IXL this week, which is G.2. IXL is usually due on the following Monday, but due to the holiday, IXL is due Tuesday, September 5

Science News

Week of October 23-27

Students should study for upcoming quiz and matter and chemical and physical properties. They should also review space and thermal energy.

IXL D.1 due November 2.


Social Studies News 

Week of October 23-27
 We will have the Chapter 2 test on Monday, October, 30.  The students should study their notes, study guides, vocabulary, and the Lee/Grant information sheet they have in their blue folders.
We are having a guest speaker this week (Mr. Gray Lane).