5th Grade Team (Murphy/Siler/Willingham/Wood)



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5th Grade News

Baby pictures and career choice for the yearbook are due before Christmas break. Please put child's name and homeroom teacher on back of picture.

Signal Mountain Social Services Food Drive going on this week. 5th grade brings hearty soups (no condensed).

Orders for Scholastic Book Club are due December 6.

Reading News

Week of December 4-8

We're continuing to compare information from two texts.

IXL R.6 due Monday, December 11.

Read 20 each weeknight! Respond to a classmate's blog by Tuesday, December 5. Personal blog entry due Thursday, December 7.

Math News

Week of December 4-8

IXL M.22 due next Monday, December 4

We are studying “scaling”.  This is where we look at what happens to the size of a number when it is multiplied by a factor greater than, less than, or equal to one.

IXL:  M.17 is due by next Monday, December 11, and is working on scaling. 

IXL:  M.18 is Extra Credit due the same day and works on scaling as well.

There is no Weekly Review this week.  Instead, there is a Study Guide for our Multiplication Test on Friday.  A parent signature is one bonus point on the test!

Multiplication Quiz corrections are due by Wednesday, December 6.  (Students are getting these back on Monday, and we are reviewing some frequently missed items together in class.)

Science News 

Week of November 27-December 1

Mrs. Siler will be at Nolan Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

We will revisit land and sea breezes this week.

Social Studies News